Undecided on which path you should choose for your major or career goals? You are not alone. It is estimated that 20-50% of students enter college as undecided and 75% change their major at least once. Deciding on a course of study or major that is right for you is an important process and we have many resources and counselors to help you.

Find your why

Below are just a few of the benefits of choosing the right major early in college according to Forbes.com:

  • Be happier studying subjects for which you are passionate and have talent.
  • Be better prepared to obtain solid internships, which is critical for good jobs.
  • Avoid the college "stress crisis" because you will see a clear path to graduation.
  • Maintain an elevated level of self-confidence because you are achieving high grades and gaining recognition.
  • Have less student loan debt because you will not need extra years to graduate.
  • Be ready to excel in a career that is engaging and enjoyable.

Use the following questions and links to help you determine which resources to access and how to make progress on the exploratory pathway here at Clovis Community College.

Career Counseling

A student and a counselor reviewing options

Career Exploration resources are available to begin initial independent exploration; though, it is recommended career exploration be done alongside a career counselor.

Career and Major Exploration

Career Coach

screenshot of the career coach help video

Do you know what interests you but are unsure about the careers that align with those interests or what education is needed? Click on the link below to take a quick assessment and explore those interests.

Career Coach

Academic Counseling

the ccc graphic for academic counseling

Are you sure of the path you want to access but do not know how to declare a major or get a student educational plan? Click here to schedule an appointment with a counselor

Academic Counseling

Exploratory Courses Courses

Course Course Title Units
Counseling53 College/Life Management 3

General Education Sheets:

Date Major Sheet
2021-2022 CSU GE
2021-2022 IGETC