Summer Bridge Program - STEM Exploration Academy

The purpose of this program is to allow rising 11th and 12th students from Clovis Unified School District to have a hands-on introduction to Clovis Community College and to our STEM opportunities on campus. The program is supported by our Title V PODER grant and is free to all eligible participants.

Students who sign up for the program must complete:

1. One course (Interdisciplinary Studies INTDS 50 - College Success) of transferable college credit.

This course is designed for first-year college students and provides an exploration of cognitive, psychological, social, and physical factors influencing success in college, the world of work, and in life. Topics include personal responsibility, critical thinking, motivation, self-efficacy, self-awareness, lifelong learning, self-management, health and wellness, interpersonal communication in a diverse world, educational planning, and service learning.

Advisories: Eligibility for English 125, English 126, and MATH-201. (A, CSU, UC)

2. Five  stem Exploration Days with current CCC stem faculty and lab coordinators

stem Exploration days are an introduction to one specific stem major on campus, giving an overview of the major, current course offerings and faculty, and a small lab component. Summer 2022 featured the following disciplines and faculty:

  • Chemistry - Dr. Shawn Sano-Jones
  • Computer Science - Dr. Lawton Nichols
  • Biology - Dr. Rosa Alcazar
  • Engineering - Christopher Glaves
  • Geology - Dr. Michele Selvans

Who can sign up?

This program is open to all rising 11th (leaving 10th grade) or rising 12th (leaving 11th grade) students with the Clovis Unified School District. All interested students should apply, with special interest for Latinx and low-income students.

When are the dates?

Summer 2022 registration is currently closed.

Summer 2023 dates will be posted on March 23, 2023.

Classes run on a five-week system, Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am - 12:20 pm at Clovis Community College. Transportation is provided from home high schools.

Parents Night Orientations

Scheduled for Fall 2022 semester (TBD for times and locations)


For more information, contact: