Cal Grant

The State of California offers Cal Grants to students attending eligible California institutions of higher education. The Cal Grant program is administered by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC). Grants are funds that do not have to be repaid if you complete your courses successfully.

Cal Grant A & B generally cover up to 4 years of full-time attendance (typically two years at a community college). A student must take at least 15 units per semester to graduate within four years.

General Cal Grant Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a California Resident or AB 540 eligible
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Attend a Cal Grant eligible school
  • Not have earned a bachelor’s degree
  • Not be in grant repayment or in default on a student loan
  • Not be incarcerated
  • Enroll at least half-time to receive payment
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress to receive payment

Cal grant community college entitlement award 

Starting with the 2021-2022 academic year, students attending a California Community College could be eligible for the Cal Grant Community College Entitlement Award. Applicants must submit a FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application and have a verified Cal Grant GPA submitted to the California Student Aid Commission by September 2. 

Who is Considered for a Community College Entitlement award:

  • Students enrolled at a California Community College in the award year
  • Students who meet the general Cal Grant eligibility requirements

Deadline to Apply

  • Deadline is September 2nd of each award year

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or CA Dream Act Application (CADAA)
  2. Login to WebGrants for Students and Confirm GPA. 

After your FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application is processed, you’ll receive an email prompting you to create your WebGrants 4 Students account. Once you are logged in, confirm that CSAC has your GPA, as this completes your Cal Grant application.

transfering with a California community college entitlement award

  • Transferring to a University of California (UC) or a California State University (CSU): If a student was paid the Cal Grant at the community college level for at least one semester, they may transfer the award and utilize their remaining eligibility.
  • Transferring to a Private College: Students awarded a California Community College Entitlement award cannot transfer the award to a Private College. If a student transfers to a Private College, the award will be withdrawn, and students will be reevaluated for Cal Grant. Students must meet either the Transfer Entitlement or Competitive eligibility requirements.
Once you submit your completed FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application and verify your GPA, you will be considered for the appropriate Cal Grant award based on GPA and financial need.


Cal grant award types

Cal Grant A:

  • For low to middle-income students
  • 3.00 High School GPA minimum or 2.4 College GPA minimum
  • May be used for an academic program that is 2-4 years in length
  • Can only be used for tuition and fees
  • If awarded at a California Community College, it will be held in reserve for up to two years until the student transfers to a 4-year school, unless the student qualifies for the Student with Dependent Children Access Award or Foster Youth Access Award.

Cal Grant B:

  • For low-income students
  • 2.00 GPA minimum
  • May be used for an academic program that is at least 1 year in length
  • Includes an additional annual Access award amount (living expenses)

Cal Grant C:

  • For low to middle-income students
  • Must be used for an occupational or technical program that is at least 4 months in length
  • Covers up to 2 years of full-time attendance
  • Cal Grant A and B eligibility is determined before Cal Grant C eligibility
  • Eligible students must complete the Cal Grant Supplement form if required by CSAC

Webgrants for students

Applicants and current Cal Grant awardees should check their Cal Grant status on the web using Webgrants.

Go to My Grant Info. Students will need to create an account. All students are encouraged to use the Webgrants for Students website to track their application status online. Students may use Webgrants to:

  • Check if your application data has been received by CSAC
  • Check your award status and view your payment history
  • See how your Cal Grant might change if you attend a different school
  • Report a Leave of Absence if you were awarded but will not be attending

Additional Cal Grant Information:

CSAC Student Support Services
My grant info login