Grading System

Grades are earned in each course and are recorded on the student’s permanent record. Grades represent the evaluation of student achievement of course objectives and learning outcomes. The college uses a five-letter grading system. A, B, C, and P are passing grades, satisfactory or better. D is passing but less than satisfactory grade. F is a failing grade. NP is a less than satisfactory or failing grade; it is not a passing grade. Units of credit are earned for all passing grades (A, B, C, D, and P). Grade symbols are defined and grade points are earned for units of credit as follows:

Five-Letter Grading System:
Evaluative Symbols Grade points per unit
A Excellent 4.0
B Good 3.0
C Satisfactory 2.0
*D Passing, less than satisfactory 1.0
F Failing 0.0
P Pass (A passing grade, satisfactory or better) 0.0
NP No Pass (Not a passing grade, less than satisfactory or failing) 0.0
X Completion of non-credit class 0.0

*The D grade is passing but is not considered satisfactory for meeting many of the college graduation/degree/major requirements or course prerequisite requirements. Also, the D grade may not satisfy transfer requirements to four-year institutions.

In addition to the evaluative symbols listed above, non-evaluative symbols may be assigned to students’ permanent records in specified conditions. No units of credit are earned for courses to which these non-evaluative symbols are assigned. The non-evaluative symbols are defined as follows:

Non-Evaluative Symbols:
Non-evaluation Symbols Grade points per unit
I Incomplete 0.0
W Withdrawal 0.0
MW Military Withdrawal 0.0
IP In Progress 0.0
RD Report Delayed 0.0
EW Excused Withdrawal 0.0

I, Incomplete

The I, Incomplete, symbol may be assigned in a course only by approval of the course instructor if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The student has completed all but the final examination or other minimal amount of course work required for a final semester grade.
  • The student has a serious and verifiable reason for not completing the required course work.
  • The student has a passing grade in the course at the time the incomplete, I, grade is assigned.
  • The student requires no additional class time for completion of the course.

In assigning an incomplete, I, grade, an instructor will specify, on the appropriate grade report form, a list of conditions necessary for the removal of the incomplete grade, the time period allotted to the student to satisfy these conditions, and the evaluative grade symbol to be assigned if the listed conditions are not satisfied within the allotted time period.

An incomplete, I, grade will not affect the academic status of a student, but it will affect the progress status. An incomplete, I, grade must be replaced by the appropriate evaluative grade symbol no later than one full semester after is has been assigned, though an earlier limit may be specified by the course instructor. Students may not re-enroll in a course for which they have received an incomplete, I, grade during the time that the incomplete, I, grade is in effect.

W, Withdrawal

(as per Title 5 Section 55024)
Withdrawal from a course or courses shall be authorized through the last day of the ninth week of instruction (or 50 percent of the course, whichever is less).

EW, Excused Withdrawal

The Excused Withdrawal will not be used in calculating a student’s grade point average, progress probation, or dismissal calculations. EW shall not be counted toward the permitted number of withdrawals or counted as an enrollment attempt. A student who remains in a course beyond the withdrawal deadline must be assigned an evaluative or non-evaluative symbol other than EW.

MW, Military Withdrawal

The military withdrawal symbol is authorized at any time a student who is a member of an active or reserve United States military service receives orders compelling a withdrawal from courses. The MW symbol is assigned by the registrar upon verification of such orders. Military withdrawals shall not be counted in progress probation and dismissal procedures.

IP, In Progress

IP is assigned only in a course which extends beyond the normal end of an academic term. It indicates that course work is in progress and an evaluative grade symbol will be assigned when that work is completed. The IP is assigned to a student’s permanent record to satisfy enrollment documentation, and the appropriate evaluative grade symbol will be assigned and appear on the student’s permanent record for the term in which the course is completed.

RD, Report Delayed

The RD symbol may be assigned only by the registrar and is used when there is a delay in reporting the grade of a student due to circumstances beyond the control of the student. It is a temporary notation to be replaced by a permanent symbol as soon as possible. RD shall not be used in calculating grade point averages.

P/NP, Pass/No Pass

Most college courses allow students the option of a final course grade of P, Pass, or NP, No Pass, instead of traditional letter grades (A, B, C, D, or F). Some courses are graded only on a Pass/No Pass basis. In courses graded only on the Pass/No Pass basis or when a student elects this grading option, the grade of P, Pass, will be assigned if the student has passed the course with a grade equivalent of A, B, or C, and credit will be awarded for the unit value of the course. The grade of NP, No Pass, will be assigned if the student earns the grade equivalent of D or F, and no units of credit will be awarded for the course. Neither the P, Pass, grade nor the NP, No Pass grade is included in the calculation of the grade point average.

A maximum of 15 units of credit may be earned on a Pass/No Pass grading basis in degree-applicable or transferable courses. The Pass/No Pass option is not recommended for any course in a student’s major. Not all courses graded on a Pass/No Pass basis are accepted for transfer by other institutions. Students planning to transfer to another college or university should be aware of the policy of that institution regarding Pass/No Pass grades.

Students may elect the Pass/No Pass grading option in courses in which it is available by notifying the college Office of Admissions and Records, using the appropriate form, which is available at the Office of Admissions and Records, no later than the end of the fifth week of full-term course or within the first 30 percent of a shorter-term course. Students who have elected the Pass/No Pass grading option may reverse this decision only within these same deadlines.

Deadlines for selecting (or reversing) the Pass/No Pass grading option:
Term Deadline
For a regular 18-week class By end of the fifth week
For a 9-week class By end of the third week
For an 8-week class By end of the second week
For a 6-week class By end of the second week
For a 2-week class By the third day
For a class less than two week At time of class registration

Grade Point Average (GPA)

A student’s grade point average (GPA) is computed by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of units attempted. Units for which a grade or other symbol, of CR, NC, P, NP, W, EW, I, IP, MW, RD, or X is assigned are not counted as units attempted in the calculation of a grade point average.