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Do you have what it takes to make a difference at your college and community? Want to run for Associated Student Government Office for the 2022-2023 Academic Year?

If so, we are now taking petitions to run for a position in Executive Board, President’s Cabinet, and the ASG Senate.

Statements from 2022-2023 Associated Student Government Candidates

Each statement was prepared by each candidate. Candidates are listed in Alphabetical order of last name (based on position they are a candidate for). Elections will take place via a survey emailed to currently enrolled students on Tuesday, April 27th.

Candidate for ASG President:

My name is Debashish Yadav. I primarily go by my nickname, Ashu. I am currently in my second semester at Clovis Community College and am a computer engineering major. I hope to earn my doctorate and become a professor in the future. Education is a key part of my life, so I hope to help other students at Clovis Community College reach their educational and personal goals. Through my community and club involvement during high school, I have found my passion for helping others. I want to run for ASG President to make a positive difference at Clovis Community College.

My passion for helping others only grew once I came to Clovis Community. In my short time here, I made sure to seize every opportunity to grow as a student and leader. For instance, I joined the student government in my first semester, as a Senator. As a Senator, I was able to see the positive change that ASG was able to make in the student’s personal and academic life. As a senator, I have grown accustomed to understanding how ASG operates. For instance, I was able to be a part of the Unit Planning and OER committee. Being a part of these committees allowed me to understand the changes that Clovis Community College needs and goes through. For instance, currently, the OER committee is working on low-cost textbooks to encourage more students to enroll in more STEM classes. Furthermore, other ASG members have fought for other changes like hygiene products in women’s restrooms, ethnic studies, and positivity signs. I witnessed the hard work and dedication that went into fighting for these projects. I also witnessed the benefits the student body received as a direct result of these projects. I want to continue bringing about these changes for the betterment of the students and the college as a whole.

Along with being part of ASG and other clubs on campus, I am also a Hunger Terminator for the Foundation of California Community College. My main role in this leadership position is to inform more students about CalFresh. Essentially, I would make PowerPoints, suggest social media posts, reach out to instructors, and give presentations. Through my experience as a Hunger Terminator, I have realized the importance of communication and student feed interaction. I have also learned the importance of helping students in their personal life. Food insecurity is a major part of some college students. Students will succeed in academics only if they are well-nourished. We were able to help the students through consistent communication and student interaction. I firmly believe that ASG needs more student involvement, so I would like to make student involvement one of my main points of focus as president.

My first goal for the Associated Student Government is to push for more student involvement. In other words, I want to encourage more students to reach out or participate in ASG. After all, the purpose of student government is to help the students. The student government can better help the students that reach out. One way to encourage student involvement would be to inform the students about the contributions of ASG. This can be accomplished by social media and flyers on the walls. Collaborating with the activities office to join in the efforts of making student government members known to the student body is another great option. Secondly, I would like all members of the ASG to be well known. After being part of ASG, I felt that most students did not know who was a part of ASG. I feel that we can fix this by having monthly posts on social media. For example, during finals week, ASG members can post their pictures on social media and give a few sentences of advice to the student body. This interaction would help the students know who the ASG members are.

I have envisioned a few goals for Clovis Community College. My main goal is to make the college as equitable as possible to set the students for success. First and foremost, I would like Clovis Community College to connect students to all the resources that are available to them. The food pantry is a great resource that some students still do not know about. This would be a great resource for all students who need access to food. In addition, the emergence of Covid and all the challenges that have surfaced from it has led to an increase in mental distress for many college students. The psychological services and student success coaches that the college has would be a great resource in helping these students overcome their challenges. In a way, having more instructors and staff be aware of all the resources that the college has would be a great resource for the students. Consistent Communication and student interaction is the greatest thing I would like to see at Clovis Community College.

Along with the various goals I have envisioned for the College and ASG, I have many personal goals I would like to reach. I am very strict on adhering to a schedule that brings forth optimal performance. For this reason, I like to plan out my days ahead of time and leave some time slots open for non-scheduled events. My strict schedule has allowed me to be successful in my personal and academic life. I hope to keep my sharp organizational skills to help ASG. Another key goal I have is to be as warm and approachable as I can to all students. As President of the ASG, I feel that it is my responsibility to represent Clovis Community College professionally. I would also like to be at as many in-person tabling events as possible. For example, I would like to attend almost all the club rush events to inform more students about ASG. Being President means that I hold one of the most important positions in ASG, and so I should be there for the students. Part of being a good leader is being there for the students. I hope to interact with as many students as I can, so I can understand how other students are doing on campus. I hold myself to strict goals and values, so I can be the best version of myself. I reflect on my performance at the end of every week to see if I can be better in certain areas. My biggest competitor is myself. I hope to be a better person today than I was yesterday, and I hope to be even better tomorrow than I am today. Honestly, I would love to be the President of ASG, but I just hope to be a student leader that would be able to bring the most success to students and Clovis Community College.

All of my previous goals along with dedication would be the key to bringing change on campus. I have envisioned great goals for ASG and Clovis Community College. The most important step is to execute these goals. I will do my best every day to make sure that we are making progress toward these goals. This means I would like to send out monthly surveys to the students, attend various in-person events, and talk to as many students as I can for their feedback. Only through dedication and consistent communication with the student body and staff will we be able to foster change on campus.

Finally, having Clovis Community College equitable for all the students is another important part of being in ASG. I would like to send climate surveys every other month to all the students. This survey would help the ASG understand the overall mood of the campus. I would like to leave nothing to inference. I will try my best to ask the students for their feedback at every possible turn. I would like also like to have ASG be part of the monthly newsletter panel. In this panel, I would like to let the student body know of all the things that the ASG has accomplished or is working on in the month. I understand that not all students have access to social media, so I would like to encourage more flyers to be posted throughout campus. This will help all students be aware of the events that are taking place on campus. Again, I would like to encourage all students to reach out to the ASG or staff about any concerns. I hope to be a warm and approachable leader for this very purpose. I hope to work with ASG to make it a more equitable place for the students. However, consistent communication with the student body is the best way in which we can help Clovis Community be more successful. All in all, I am ready to take on a greater role in student government to foster change, so I hope to be the next President of the Associated Student Government.

Candidate for ASG Vice President:

Please tell us about yourself

My name is Veer Partap Singh, I was born in India then immigrated to the USA at the age of 7. As an immigrant and only child my whole life has been a series of first times with no one to help. It was hard at times not knowing if the choices I made were the best ones but these unique circumstances helped me become outgoing and ask questions where others wouldn't. Making me extroverted in nature and very good at meeting new people and managing group projects in a leadership role. I am also well organized and a great note taker. When it comes to the task of formulating the agendas and chairing the senate/personnel committee I feel I will be an invaluable member of any meeting.

Why do you want to be a member of the ASG Executive Board/President's Cabinet/Senate?

I believe that being the vice president of the President's Cabinet in Associated Student Government, will give me the power to help the community in and out of Clovis Community College. Coming into the college system from High school I believe being a part of the Associated Student Government will allow me to build connections and network with people who I can grow with and open more doors in my career path

What are your goals for the Associated Student Government?

Being a part of the Associated Student Government I hope to represent my peers in Clovis community college to the best of my abilities. I will also have the opportunity to be a part of the student body community.

What are your goals for Clovis Community College?

At Clovis Community College I hope to decide on my Major. I am currently undecided between Engineering and Computer Science. Since childhood I have known that I wanted a career in STEM for the creative freedom it gives me. Furthermore, going to Clovis Community college gives me the opportunity to build connections with people in the stem industry and network with the small class sizes and more interactive classroom style at a community college. I also plan on being part of clubs where I will meet people with similar interests as mine

What are the personal goals you hope to fulfill in your desired position?

One of my personal goals is to Help as many people in the student body get their point heard. Of course with the help of servicing and other forms of communication I will try to help more people but that is a rule I will hold myself to when I'm in my desired position.

How can you help foster change on campus?

I will try my best to create a positive relationship with the student body and find out the problems my peers have come across, helping the experience of not just my peers but the future generation. I believe the role of a president as being the highest position in the ASG is an important one with duties vary from a wide range of things so as a vice president I will gladly step up in the absence and take up the role, I will happily chair the executive board meetings, attending and sitting on external committees, attending the senate meetings, as well as keeping 2 office hours per week.

How can you help Clovis Community College become a more equitable campus?

As the Vice president I will gladly help the president with any task they need completed in helping the community. Furthermore, I am a very dependable and flexible person who can handle a variety of tasks. I have experience in a lot of fluid work and that has helped me learn and adapt quite quickly. I believe in the end these abilities of mine will help Clovis Community College become a more equitable campus with me in power

Candidate for ASG Vice President of Finance

Hello, my name is Cristian Castro-Oliva, and I am a first-generation college student in my second year at Clovis Community College. My major is Computer Science and I honestly revolve my entire life around school. I am very responsible when it comes to important tasks, and I always give my best effort.

I work as a student aide in the financial aid office, and I have a lot of knowledge/experience in financial aid. Receiving this job here has been so amazing, and I love that I get to help students every day with problems concerning their financial aid. I also try to go above and beyond when I help out students, whether that means walking them through the entire FAFSA, giving them extra tips to receive additional financial aid, or explaining their award letter in simple terms, so they can comprehend it better.

I have always been a leader to my family and friends, but I have never had the opportunity to earn a role where I am a leader of an organization/group. Instead, I have been consistently working on improving every aspect of my life, and I put a lot of focus on my schoolwork and outside extracurriculars.

I want to be a member of the ASG Executive board, more specifically, I want to be the Vice President of Finance because I know that I would be a great fit for that position. I have been attending Clovis Community College for almost two years now, and I believe my experience working in the financial aid office will be very resourceful if I become elected as VP of Finance. In my opinion, financial aid is one of the most important things for a college student, and I want to make incoming students more aware of this.

My main goal for ASG is to make a beneficial impact on all the students enrolled. One way to do this is to make sure all students are aware of the FAFSA application and how important it is to complete it. I will make it a goal to help decrease the percentage of students who have not submitted a FAFSA. One way to do this is by making flyers or posters on where to go to submit the FAFSA along with who to contact to receive additional help.

Another goal I have for ASG is learning the skills it takes to administer a budget and form bills that will help out students. I know that the skills learned from this position will help me out later in life, and I would love to have that experience. I have faith in myself to pick up these skills quickly, and I am very interested in the duties of VP of Finance.

My main goal for Clovis Community College is to participate in as many extracurriculars as I can and graduate with 6 total degrees, along with maintaining at least a 3.9 cumulative GPA. I want to make sure that I go for every opportunity that comes my way, which is why I got so ecstatic when I heard about this position of VP of Finance. I know that I will be a great fit for the position, and it will also help me develop many useful skills to use later in life.

The six degrees I will be going for are Physics, Math, Computer Science, Economics, Natural Science, and my GED. I am very excited to be receiving these degrees when I graduate because it will be proof of the countless hours I spent studying every day for the last three years.

A personal goal I hope to achieve as Vice President of Finance is meeting new people in ASG who have similar goals as me. I believe that being selected for this position will help me branch out and connect with other hard-working students, which I am very excited about.

I also want to make sure that the work I do as VP of finance benefits all students, and the school for the long term. One way could be fundraising through events that encourage students to participate whether it is through giveaways, friendly competitions, or any events that will intrigue students. My goal is to make the environment here very friendly and welcoming because I still remember the feeling I first had when I was an incoming freshman here.

I think I can make a change to our campus by budgeting events in the most efficient way possible. I will make sure that the money used is not going to waste and will help out the students because that is my main goal as VP of Finance. I would also love to be able to use my skills with graphic design to help make posters/flyers for upcoming events. I know that this position will be a lot of responsibility, however, I am confident in myself to ensure I do a great job at planning/budgeting events for the 2022-2023 school year.

I will help Clovis Community College become a more equitable campus by ensuring that new students feel welcomed and hopefully I can motivate them to use this opportunity as a stepping stone toward a bright future. Clovis Community College has done a wonderful job transforming me into a very hard-working individual. However, I did not do this alone, and I am very grateful for all the counselors, professors, tutors, and students who have helped me along the way. Going into my third year here, I want to be able to do my part and help Clovis Community College the way they helped me.

Candidate for ASG Vice President of Finance

Hi Everyone! My name is Nada Gad, and I am running for Vice President of Finance. As a Finance major, I bring a lot of Experience through class, being treasurer of the MSA club, and hands on experiences working with my dad’s business. To be of service for this role, I plan to work with the Associated Student Government as well as the administration to further provide economic comfort for the students of Clovis Community. As we shift away from Covid-19, more and more students come back to campus in person. I hope to create more fundraisers to increase our budget while also distributing more money to pre-existing clubs and new programs for our students. I absolutely love finance! I grew up around my dad’s car dealership and he taught me a lot about organizing his business finances. When Covid-19 hit I was able to witness firsthand the effects it had on the car market, and my father’s business. Because of quarantine I believe the school lost some potential gains. As VP of Finance, I plan to escalate our budget, and fund money for the rest of our student body’s activities.

Candidate for ASG Senate

My name is Abraham Darwish and I would be honored to serve as your senator. I work with the Honorable Judge Alvin Harell and aspire to be a defense attorney one day. Furthermore, I have founded a non-profit called Legislative Lift, with the mission of educating underserved communities about the legislative process. One morning, as I was walking to class, I overheard a group of students brainstorming ideas of what they would change at Clovis Community College. However, one of the friends said “let's talk about something we can actually do”. From that moment on, I felt a calling to give my classmates more of a voice. I will focus on giving students a more influential role and say in various affairs.

During my time as a senator, My principal aim is to develop an inclusive and diverse environment at Clovis Community College. This means that no matter your background or past life experiences, you will find activities that will deeply interest you! A change I would like to see made is more activities. To accomplish this goal, funding for clubs needs a big surge.

My goal at Clovis Community College is to create a relationship between students and faculty that serves the school’s broader interests. I believe that the more students are involved in school, the more they will naturally care about their academic performance and future. I know this firsthand. During my freshman year of high school, my GPA was a 1.4, but as I slowly got more involved and surrounded myself with better people, my grades consistently improved. Ultimately, by my senior year, I got a 4.2 GPA not because I was any smarter, but because I was more involved with my school’s activities.

All in all, I believe that to foster real self-sustaining change on campus, we must make Clovis Community College a place where everyone feels they belong and are accepted.

Candidate for ASG Senate

My name is Clayton Johnston, I am 18 years old and I'm taking 5 courses this spring semester as an economic major. Before Clovis Community I went to Clovis North and loved my time there until COVID struck. I played golf at Clovis North up until COVID struck, I still play golf to this day but as more of a hobby then competitively. Other than school I am a manager at Chick-Fil-A on Blackstone and spend about 25-30 hours a week there. I have never held any leadership roles in my educational career.

I was a part of the dual-enrichment program during my senior year and loved Clovis Community so much which is why I decided to attend after high school. It will also be a great experience for me as well as a great way to network and meet new people.

I would love to grow as a person, as well as become more involved in my role in ASG as my time continues at CCC. I would also love to provide my best support and opinions during ASG so we can better the future of CCC.

My goals for Clovis Community are to grow the college so more people can be educated about the great things about Community College and more importantly Clovis Community College

My personal goals are to grow as a person to better understand how institutions operate. Many companies have boards or small governments within them. This goes perfect with my major since I would love to work or be on a board for a company. Most importantly I would love to network and get to meet others who are involved with Clovis Community College.

I would love to inform people about the great things going on at CCC, through social media and talking to people on campus.

One of my best friends through high school was an immigrant from Nigeria. He came to Fresno with a thick Nigerian accent and lived in a small apartment with his mom. The day I met him we instantly clicked; our completely different backgrounds led to us discussing every topic under the sun. The one thing I learned from my buddy Emmanuel is that the best way to learn is to listen. I think by listening to the problems people face, you will know the things they have the most problem with. By learning this we will be able to take these problems and diagnose then create solutions so that we can better Clovis Community College for the future.

Candidate for ASG Senate

If you never give up, you are never too old to change the world; no matter what path life takes you, never give up, and you will eventually get to where you are meant to be. I am a forty- seven-year-old high school dropout with Autism and multiple disabilities. I have overcome several challenges in the past year, such as quitting smoking after thirty-five years. I have also recently gone back to high school and earned my diploma. It has taken many years, but I have learned to control my Autism. This is why I have chosen to attend school at this point in my life. One thing that motivates me is the desire to prove that if I can learn to focus my Autism, it can be an asset and not a disability. My major here is an AS-T in Geology, I will transfer to a U.C. where I plan on pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Science, and then I will work towards my Ph.D. in Planetary Engineering. I have never held any student leadership role.

I want to develop my leadership skills by getting real-world experience as a student leader. I also want to learn to deal with conflicting ideas and work through them to find solutions acceptable to all parties. I am looking to gain experience in group communications, time management, and organization skills by keeping up with my student government duties and schoolwork. I expect to learn more about myself by removing myself from my comfort zones. I will support a strong learning culture and help students have a passion for their majors. I plan on helping develop ideas for programs to assist students in identifying life and academic goals and help plan a pathway to attain their goals

Some of the personal goals I would like to accomplish in my position is to learn about working as a team with the Associated Student Government. Early in my academic career is the perfect time to find out how I work with others and what areas I can improve on. Plus, I will have a chance to learn more about what strengths I already bring to the table. I can review and evaluate current programs through the eyes of a disabled non-traditional student. I will look for opportunities to improve existing programs or develop new ones to support student success. Let us look to attract and retain under-represented groups of minorities and non-traditional students by evaluating the effectiveness of our curriculum at appealing to and sustaining the focus of under-represented and at-risk populations.

Candidate for ASG Senate

Hello everyone! My name is Deidra Voth. I am currently a first year student at Clovis Community College. I am majoring in Civil Engineering and I love to find creative ways to solve complex problems. Through this major, I have definitely learned that preserving through failure is the key to successl. It is natural to want to be good at something when you try for the first time but through difficult classes I have learned that failure is the best teacher. On my days off, I enjoy getting coffee with friends, going on a hike, or going thrift shopping. Another one of my passions is meeting new people and hearing their perspectives on life. I have never held a leadership position but I believe that these skills will make me an excellent candidate for the role of senator.

There are many reasons I want to be a member of the ASG senate. First, I would love to be involved in continuing the good work that this college does for its students. I have been attending this school for a semester and I have seen all that this school provides its students and I would love to be a part of representing the student body with my unique perspective. Second, I believe in the importance of giving back to communities that have impacted me. Although I am only going to be here for a short two years, I know that these years will be integral in preparing me to transfer to my dream college. From the tutorial centerto the counselors to my professors, I have felt so supported during my time here. I don’t want to take these years for granted and I would love it if I was able to give back to this college by using my voice for decisions that matter.

With the Associated Student Government, I want to create a safe space to present ideas and allow for people to be heard. I have noticed that with leadership it is easy to stick with the things that are already known and events that have already been done. My goal is to look for ways to innovate and improve this wonderful school. Especially as society changes I believe it is so important that we can progress as a college and support our students in the best way possible. College is such a different stage of life and helping students transition from high school to college is something I find important. Creating activities that help students connect and meet new people is something I’m passionate about. Also making services that will support students in their studies and providing resources that will cultivate a community that works with each other to achieve each individual's goals.

One of my personal goals is to be open to new ideas that others bring to the table. Even if someone has an opinion that is opposite of mine, I will respect them and their opinions. I am excited to be able to debate different sides of issues and to hear what other people have to say. Another one of my goals is to support my fellow senators' ideas. A significant part of leadership is being able to take other’s ideas and make them a reality. This brings me to my next goal, I want to not just talk about making change happen but help it become a reality.

Change starts by listening and looking for where adjustments need to be made. I promise to be on a continuous look out for where I notice injustices and inadequacies in our school. I will have conversations, even if they are hard, about what can be improved. Another important aspect of change is affirming the actions that are in a positive direction. Change doesn’t happen overnight, so giving encouragement during the process is key to success.

To make Clovis Community College a more equitable campus it is crucial to give marginalized subgroups a place to be heard. This can be done by celebrating their culture, supporting them in classes and even encouraging them to take leadership roles. Equality on all levels such as economic, racial, mental, and physical levels, is hard to achieve without allowing those groups to share their perspectives. I would love to see diversity in ASG so that we can acknowledge and help people who are in need.

Thank you for considering me for senator. I hope to be able to represent and serve Clovis Community College in the future.

Candidate for ASG Senate

When first hearing about the ASG program at Clovis Community, I realized that this was my chance to contribute my thoughts and implement them to the school. I am looking to become more involved at school and this program seems to be the perfect fit for me. Currently, I am a first year student that is studying computer science. Besides taking multiple rigorous courses, I want to participate in a program where I am able to take leadership and initiative. During highschool at Clovis North, I was the event coordinator for Key Club. With this role, I had to find and set up volunteer events throughout the city for our club members to come. My favorite event that I set up was the Wings Advocacy Organization where my team went to volunteer at the homeless shelter. Through Key Club, I learned how to make connections with people and take on a leadership role where I guided many people.

My goal for Clovis Community is to come up with ideas for problems that the campus faces in addition to facilitating those ideas with actions. It is simple to come up with an idea but actually fulfilling the thought is where the challenge comes. I strongly believe that the best way to help our campus is to hear from our students. By listening to students, we are able to gain some perspective on what changes should be made.

Ultimately, I believe that I am a great candidate for this position because I love making changes that will benefit people and the campus.

Candidate for ASG Senate

Hey Everyone! My name is Oshindeep Singh and I am currently a student enrolled in the Clovis Community College Honors Program. My goal from this election is to run and win the position of Senator in the Associated Student Government at our school. Something that makes me stand out compared to other students running for this position is that I have always been involved in leadership roles in the various schools I have attended. My first student body role was in elementary school, where I was the school president for two years. From here I set the groundwork for being in leadership in middle school as well as creating a number of clubs in high school. The most notable of these clubs was the Bronco Investment Society at Clovis North, which had over 100 students participate in meetings and discussions every month. The reason I have chosen to run for the position of Senator this year is to gain valuable experience in the world of leadership at the college level. I hope one day I can apply this experience in the workforce and any future positions I apply for in the world of business.

My main goal during my tenure with the Associated Student Government will be to better improve student involvement on campus. I hope to accomplish this goal by proposing viable ideas to the board in hopes to create a better social life for students who attend Clovis Community College. My current personal goals at Clovis Community College are to achieve the greatest amount of academic success in the classroom, which one day will allow me to transfer to an accredited four-year university. This desired position will also allow me to gain valuable experience in a professional setting, something I can implement in my resume as I apply for future internships at Fortune 500 companies.

The main way I look to garner change at Clovis Community College is by providing a voice for the students in the Associated Student Government. By doing so, I look forward to improving student life both inside and outside the classroom. I believe by implementing such a change, CCC becomes a more balanced campus for students as they will feel more involved in daily activities instead of just focusing on academic tasks. I hope by providing the information above I am a suitable candidate for the position of Senator and look forward to my opportunity if given the chance.

Description of positions

The president is the highest position in the ASG. The duties vary from a wide range of things. Some of these include: chairing the executive board meetings, attending and sitting on external committees, attending the senate meetings, as well as keeping 2 office hours per week. The President acts as a bridge between the administration and the senate.

The vice president also has the same basic duties of keeping an office hour and attending external meetings. However, the vice president is responsible for creating/posting the agendas and chairing the senate meetings. On top of that, they also chair the personnel committee. In the event that the president can not perform their duty, the vice president will fill the spot until a new one is found.

The trustee attends all of the SCCCD Board of Trustees meetings and holds a vote on the committee. They will act as a liaison between the board and the senate. It is also required of them to present the senate with monthly updates on the board of trustees.

The vice president of finance works with the ASG in consultation with the president to administer a budget. They serve as the Chief Financial Officer of the ASG and will present the budget upon the ASG at the end of each semester. With that, they will work with the finance committee to create bills.

The Secretary will act as the chief organizer of documents for the ASG. One of the duties that is entailed is recording the minutes at every senate meeting as well as creating the minutes. They will record and keep track of all documents as well as update the calendar for any upcoming events.

Will chair the legislative committee. Throughout the semester they will be the liaison between the region V board and the ASG. They will plan a town hall each semester to inform students of the resolutions. They will also act as the delegate at the General Assembly and vote on the schools behalf.

The ICC acts as the liaison between the ASG and the clubs. All clubs on campus work with the ICC president to maintain their status as an active club and properly fundraiser. They will also chair all ICC meetings. This Position is a part of the president’s cabinet.

The activities commissioner is also a part of the president’s cabinet. Their duties are to work with the advisor and the ASG to coordinate activities on campus. They are also the chair to the activities committee.

The public relations coordinator is the forefront of the media presence of the ASG. They will work with everyone to spread word of activities, elections or anything prevalent to the student body. They are also the chair of the Public Relations Committee. This position is also a part of the president’s cabinet.

The senator position is arguably the most powerful position in the ASG. The senators have voting power! They are able to introduce many things like bills, motions, and projects to the ASG. Similar to the federal senate, the senators are the most powerful branch.

Downloadable/Printable description of positions

Petition Process

If interested, please fill out the application

Timeline for 2023-2024 elections:
Event Description Date
Petitions Due Monday, April 10th at 11:59 p.m.
Virtual & In-Person Candidates Forum Monday, April 19th at 12:00 p.m.
Students Vote (via an online survey sent to students' college email) Monday, April 24th - Friday, April 28th
Elections Results Announced Monday, May 1st
Candidate’s Orientations Wednesday, May 3rd


Q: Who can run for office?

A: Anyone who is enrolled in five district units in the Fall and Spring semester with at least a 2.0 GPA, and can attend Fall ASG meetings (Fridays at 3:00 pm in AC1-275)

Q: Who can vote?

A: All currently registered students.

For any other questions, or to turn in a petition, please email the ASG