Emergency Procedures

electrical power outage


  • Remain calm and provide assistance to others if necessary
  • Move cautiously to a lighted area, follow the exit signs
  • Go to www.scccd.edu for information on extended outages
skull and crossbow

Hazardous Materials Release

  • Move away from hazard area, move upwind and uphill if possible
  • Alert others to keep clear of the area
  • Call District Police x5911 or 911


  • Activate fire alarm and call District Police x5911 or 911
  • Evacuate the building, move away from fire and smoke
  • Use stairs only, do not use elevators
  • Provide assistance to others if necessary

Bomb Threat or Suspicious Object

  • Do not touch or disturb the suspicious object
  • Report suspicious object or threat to District Police x5911 or 911
  • Alert others to stay away from the area

Active Shooter

Run, Hide, Fight


  • Run from danger – run to safety
  • Plan in advance how you would get out
  • When safe, call District Police x5911 or 911


  • Find location away from windows
  • Lock and barricade doors
  • Turn off lights, silence your cell phone, be quiet


  • Last Resort! Attempt to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter
  • Be aggressive – commit to your actions
  • Throw items – improvise weapons (e.g., chair, fire extinguisher)



  • Take cover under desk or table
  • Protect head and neck, wait for shaking to stop
  • Stay away from windows
  • Evacuate building, do not use elevators

  • Sign up for 1st2Know Emergency Alert System on Webadvisor to receive information via text messaging
  • Remain aware of your surroundings; during emergencies follow the instructions of safety personnel and emergency broadcasts
  • Visit www.scccdpolice.com for more information on emergency procedures and services