COVID-19 Updates

Quarantine requirements have changed.

Students who have had close contact exposure:

  • Do not need to Quarantine, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Do not need to complete the online COVID report form.
  • Can continue attending classes on campus as long as they remain asymptomatic.
  • Are encouraged to test for COVID within 3-5 days of exposure.
  • Are encouraged to wear a mask while indoors on campus for 10 days after exposure.
  • Must stay home and complete the online COVID Reporting form if they develop any symptoms and/or if they test positive for COVID.

Isolation requirements have not changed.

Students with symptoms of COVID and/or who have tested positive for COVID:

  • Must stay home and complete the online COVID report form - See the COVID-19 Reporting link below for more information.
  • Must self-isolate and cannot return to campus until they are cleared by the college nurse.
  • Can return to campus after five days of isolation IF their symptoms have resolved and IF they test negative for COVID on day five or later (a formal test report is required).
  • Will be cleared to return to campus after day ten of isolation IF their symptoms have resolved. No testing is needed.

Student Guide for Returning to Campus

Clovis students in chemistry class observing mask mandate

Self-monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms must be performed daily before coming to campus.

Please review the updated student guide for returning to campus.

Student Guide

COVID-19 Reporting Form

student on a mobile phone

Students, if you have COVID symptoms, test positive for COVID, or had recent exposure to someone who has symptoms or tested positive, please complete the short online reporting form linked below.

Instructions: Enter your contact information, answer four yes or no questions, and hit submit.

We can no longer accept this information via phone or email.

COVID-19 Reporting Form


Mandated COVID-19 Testing Has Been Suspended

Blank Covid-19 Coronavirus test

COVID-19 Testing

Weekly testing is no longer required for COVID-19 if you are not vaccinated.

Point and Click Campus Check-In Process

A screenshot of the MyPortal login page

Please have your badge ready on your phone

Use the Point-N-Click link below to access your badge on your phone and show it to the door monitor.

Remember, you will need your SCCCD login to access your badge.

Open Point-N-Click


A female African American youth against a colorful graphic showing a map of California and speech bubble symbols

Let's Get to Immunity

The California Department of Public Health on Vaccines. Learn more about the safety and benefits of vaccines and how to get vaccinated.

Get Vaccinated

California All

California All

The State of California's COVID-19 resource website.



Health Services Recommendations

Resources put together by Clovis Community College Health Services to provide guidance for students on staying healthy.

Resources for Students



The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) on understanding how COVID-19 vaccines work.

How COVID-19 Vaccines Work


CDC: Benefits of Getting the Vaccine

The CDC on the benefits of getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Benefits of Getting the Vaccine