Starfish Early Alert Program

What is Starfish Early Alert?

  • Starfish Early Alert is a communication tool we are utilizing districtwide
  • Starfish Early Alert supports student success, retention and completion by building community and facilitating improved communication between students, faculty, and student services
  • Starfish Early Alert provides a convenient way to track your students and provide just-in-time interventions based on student needs

How does Starfish Early Alert Work?

  • Items will be linked to your course roster or connection to a student in Starfish
  • Starfish Early Alert uses Flags, Kudos, and Referrals to communicate with students (when appropriate) and student services to create a team of support for our students
  • The “Close the Loop” feature allows faculty to monitor the results of their early alert efforts

How do I start using Starfish Early Alert?

Resources and Training Materials

Tutorial videos, resources, and training materials are available on the CCC Starfish Early Alert Canvas Course.

Enroll in the CCC Starfish Early Alert Course

For more information or assistance, please contact:

Nancy Chavero, Academic Counselor
Student Services Office, AC2-133