Short-Term Classes

Short-Term Classes - Spring 2023:

Course ID Section Number Course Location Instructor Start Date
COUN-53 81841 College/Life Management Online W. Patrick 2/6/2023
HONORS-2A 81433 Honors Seminar: Communication & Critical Thinking AC2-185 O. Ruiz 2/10/2023
BA-47 81014 Careers in Business Online T. Apparcel 2/13/2023
CHEM-10 81862 Elementary Chemistry Online G. Fritz 2/13/2023
CHEM-10 81974 Elementary Chemistry Online G. Fritz 2/13/2023
SOC-11 81970 Sociology of Gender Studies Online S. Ranganathan 2/20/2023
ECE-11 81944 Guidance for Young Children CD 102/Online L. Yates 2/21/2023
ECE-30 81945 The Young Child With Special Needs CD 101/Online H. Holley-Sharp 2/21/2023
IS-18 81096 Spreadsheet Fundamentals Online T. Giuffrida 2/21/2023
PE-36C 81451 Soccer Conditioning (Men) CCC Field C. McCarty 2/21/2023
PE-36C 81452 Soccer Conditioning (Women) CCC Field O. Ramirez 2/21/2023
PE-45 81454 Performance Training (Women) AC2-106 O. Ramirez 2/21/2023
PE-45 81455 Performance Training (Men) AC2-106 C. McCarty 2/21/2023
STAT-7 81133 Elementary Statistics Online R. Tjahjadi 2/21/2023
COTR-19G 81031 Co-op Work Experience, General Online C. Holden 3/6/2023
HLTH-2 81330 First Aid & Safety AC2-284/Online E. Gonzalez 3/07/2023
ANTHRO-1 81523 Biological Anthropology Online L. Taylor 3/13/2023
ANTHRO-13 81950 Anthropology of Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion Online J. Mullooly 3/13/2023
ANTHRO-2 81530 Cultural Anthropology Online J. Mullooly 3/13/2023
ANTHRO-4 81889 Intro to Archaeology Online L. Taylor 3/13/2023
ART-2 81535 Art Appreciation Online C. Park 3/13/2023
ART-2 81539 Art Appreciation Online M. Jackson 3/13/2023
BA-10 81009 Intro to Business Online M. Alanis 3/13/2023
COMM-1 81943 Public Speaking Online Staff 3/13/2023
COMM-1 81359 Public Speaking AC1-195 Staff 3/13/2023
COTR-19G 81808 Co-op Work Experience CCC-ARR B. Nabors 3/13/2023
COTR-19V 81029 Co-op Work Experience, Business Online Staff 3/13/2023
COUN-53 81842 College/Life Management Online L. Edwards 3/13/2023
ECON-1A 81072 Macroeconomics Online L. Schwendiman 3/13/2023
ECON-1B 81073 Microeconomics Online L Pretz 3/13/2023
ENGL-3 81967 Critical Reading & Writing Online T. Baronian 3/13/2023
GEOG-1 81826 Physical Geography Online S. McFeeters 3/13/2023
GEOG-1 81843 Physical Geography Online S. McFeeters 3/13/2023
GEOL-6 81878 Environmental Geology Online M. Selvans 3/13/2023
HIST-11 81415 U.S. to 1877 Online M. Rettig 3/13/2023
HIST-11 81836 U.S. to 1877 Online C. Schwandt 3/13/2023
HIST-12 81837 U.S. Since 1865 Online C. Schwandt 3/13/2023
IS-13 81097 Database Essentials Online T. Katuin 3/13/2023
IS-15 81809 Computer Concepts Online B. Nabors 3/13/2023
IS-15 81810 Computer Concepts Online T. Katuin 3/13/2023
IS-33 81812 Beginning Java Programming Online A. Tjahjadi 3/13/2023
KINES-20 81489 Athletic Training Online J. Ave 3/13/2023
LIBSKL-1 81111 Information Competency/Research Skills Online R. Yang 3/13/2023
MUS-12 81818 Music Appreciation Online S. Harris 3/13/2023
MUS-16 81960 Jazz History & Appreciation Online S. Shaghoian 3/13/2023
OTA-51 81128 Fieldwork Level 2 for OTA 2 CCC-ARR/HC 309 E. Dolin 3/13/2023
PE-15 81490 Weight Training Online O. Ramirez 3/13/2023
PE-29 81820 Yoga AC2 102/Online Staff 3/13/2023
PHIL-2 81966 Critical Reasoning & Analytic Writing Online C. Bogosian 3/13/2023
PHOTO-1 81618 Introduction to Digital Photography Online K. King 3/13/2023
PHOTO-1 81947 Introduction to Digital Photography Online K. King 3/13/2023
PSY-2 81457 General Psychology Online D. Duffy 3/13/2023
PSY-2 81916 General Psychology Online K. Johnson 3/13/2023
PSY-5 81469 Social Psychology Online M. Fabros 3/13/2023
PSY-42 81917 Statistics for Behavioral Science Online M. Gomez 3/13/2023
REHT-112 81129 Rehabilitation Aide Externship Online Staff 3/13/2023
REHT-113 81130 Seminar for Rehabilitation Aide Externship Online Staff 3/13/2023
SOC-1A 81867 Introduction to Sociology Online S. Boroujerdi 3/13/2023
SOC-1A 81868 Introduction to Sociology Online S. Boroujerdi 3/13/2023
SOC-1A 81869 Introduction to Sociology Online R. Rangel 3/13/2023
OT-10 81117 Medical Terminology Online D. Pavlovich 3/14/2023
PE-29 81820 Yoga AC2 102/Online Staff 3/14/2023
OTA-51 81128 Fieldwork Level 2 for OTA 2 CCC-ARR/HC 309 E. Dolin 3/15/2023
CHDEV-301 81851 Positive Parenting Online H. Boynton 3/20/2023
IS-64 81109 Computer Networking 2 Online L. Fahey 3/20/2023

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