Students and Staff standing together in large group next to large pride flag and pole.

Pride Flag Raising Ceremony

Jun 15, 2022

Welcomed and Supported by CCC

On Thursday, June 9th, CCC hosted a Pride Flag Raising Ceremony and all were welcome to attend. CCC is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and is proud to celebrate Pride Month and display the Pride Flag. The college welcomes and supports LGBTQ+ employees, students and community and offers various Safe Space Aly trainings throughout the year. The goal of this training is to increase participants’ cultural competency and awareness and making the college campus a safe, welcoming environment for students and employees who are LGBTQ+.

Speaker Isaac Reyna, Outreach Specialist, speaks to students from the stage. Sign language Interpreter standing offstage translates. Speaker Morgan, Student Advocate, shares from stage. Sign Language Interpreter translates offstage. Geology Instructor and Co-Chair of the Gay-Straight Alliance Club Michelle Selvans speaks to students from stage. Sign language interpreter translates offstage.

Attendees came to celebrate this great moment with our LGBTQ+ community. On behalf of Dr. Bennett, faculty, and staff, VP Marco De La Garza welcomed everyone; Isaac Reyna, Outreach Specialist, (pictured top left) shared the history of Pride Month and the significance of the Pride flag; and we heard from members of the Gay-Straight Alliance Club, including Morgan, Student and Advocate (pictured top center) who shared her personal transgender journey. Here is a great news segment video clip from KSEE24 as they interviewed Geology Instructor and Co-Chair of the Gay-Straight Alliance Club Michelle Selvans (pictured top left).

Clovis Community College is part of State Center Community College District and at its June 2021 board meeting the board declared the following:

"...the Board of Trustees of the State Center Community College District declare June 2021 as LGBTQ+ Pride Month and encourage students, faculty, and staff to eliminate prejudice wherever it exists and to celebrate the LGBTQ+ members of our community."
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