Academic and Progress Probation

The State Center Community College District's Counselors have developed an Online Probation Workshop intended to assist students in understanding the probation process.

The SCCCD Online Probation Workshop includes the following 3 components:

  1. PART 1: Online Probation Workshop Presentation
  2. PART 2: College Success Tutorials
  3. Student Satisfaction Survey (Included in PART 2)

The online probation workshop is intended for students on Level 1 probation; academic or progress. All three components must be completed prior to clearing the probation hold.

This workshop will only be used to clear probation holds for Level 1 probation students. If you are on Level 2 or Dismissal, this workshop will provide you with useful information, but will not clear your hold. You will need to meet with a counselor at the campus or center you plan to attend. If you are unsure of your probation status, you can check on WebAdvisor.