Accessible Parking

Designated accessible parking on campus is available for students who have a DMV disabled person placard or license plate. The following are accessible parking regulations and guidelines on Clovis Community College campus.

When the automobile displays a valid DMV disabled person placard or license plate, the automobile may be parked in the following areas:

1. Marked accessible stall, with a blue curb or parking block
2. Any parking stall, that has a sign noting a time limit
3. Parking meter zone (NO payment needs to be placed into meter)
4. Automobiles may not park in other special designated areas (i.e., staff, faculty, police, loading zone, etc.)

If there are any questions regarding the Accessible Parking Regulations please contact the State Center Community College District Police Department at (559) 442-8201.

For accessible parking designations please view Clovis Community College Center campus parking map.

To apply for a DMV disabled person placard or license plate select, print, complete, and submit the following application to the DMV.

DMV Disabled Person Placard/Plate Application

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