Assessment for Course Placement

Multiple Measure Placement Process

In alignment with AB705/AB1805, Clovis Community College ensures our students' right to access transfer level coursework in English and math. CCC utilizes an assessment process that includes multiple measure criteria for initial course placement.

How to Complete Assessment

New Students

Drop in to meet with a counselor to determine your initial course placement. Bring an unofficial copy of any documents that can be reviewed for appropriate placement into coursework which may include:

  • High school transcript (strongly recommended if you have graduated within the last 10 years)
  • AP/IB Exam Scores
  • Transcript of any college coursework completed outside of State Center Community College District

Continuing or Returning Students:

If you are a current or returning student and have already started our former English or math sequence, you might receive a higher placement using the new placement criteria and updated course offerings. Please see a counselor for additional information.

Academic Counseling

Multiple Measure Placement Criteria

Criteria that may be used to place students into courses may include:

  • High school coursework
  • High school grades
  • High school grade point average
  • AP/IB Exam Scores
  • College coursework completed at another college/university
  • Guided Self Placement

Based on a review of these multiple measures, students will be eligible to enroll in transfer level English or math courses. A co-requisite course is available to students who desire additional instructional support in English and/or math. 


Assessment is one of the steps in the enrollment process mandated by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. Assessment is a holistic process through which each college gathers information about students in an effort to facilitate their success by ensuring their appropriate placement into courses. 

Note: In accordance with AB-1805 requirements, college placement data is available upon request. Please contact the Director of Institutional Research, Evaluation, and Planning to obtain this data.


Contact Clovis Community College Counseling Center 559-325-5230 or visit our academic counseling webpage