Testing Center Rules and Guidelines

  1. Please be prepared to show a valid photo I.D.
  2. All electronic devices (including smartphones, watches, and earbuds) are strictly prohibited while testing. Please ensure your device(s) are silenced and kept with your things in the lockers provided.
  3. Tests must be completed and turned in at closing time regardless of test time remaining.
  4. Any test marked No Reschedule by the instructor will have a 15-minute before & after grace period. If you arrive before or after the 15-minute window, you will not be allowed to take the test.
  5. Once the test is turned in, you may not ask for it back.
  6. The Test Center is monitored by video surveillance.
  7. Cheating will result in the immediate collection of the test and/or testing materials.
  8. After three no-shows to your scheduled Test Center appointments, your Test Center privileges will be suspended until further notice.
  9. Children and guests may not accompany students into the testing room.
  10. Only water in a sealed bottle may be taken into Test Center with Test Center Staff approval.
  11. DSP&S student accommodations will be verified with the current FNL on file.
  12. Any disruptive or rude behavior will not be tolerated.