Test Center Information for Faculty and Staff

Got Testing?

Currently We Offer

DSPS and Make Up Testing

We are now open for both DSPS and Make- Up Testing! 

To maintain social distancing, there are a few changes we have made for both services. Please DO NOT send students to the Test Center to make an appointment. Everything is done online now. Click on the applicable link below for further instructions. 

For info on DSPS testing click here

For info on Make-Up testing click here

Thank you! 

Test Center Information

Hours, Location, and Contact Info

Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (tests are not scheduled after 3:00 pm). 

Location: Building AC2 Room 177

Email: testingservices@cloviscollege.edu

Number: 559-325-5276

DSPS Testing

 Proctor Request Process

DSP&S Test Proctoring services are available for students who have an active Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSP&S) file and have been approved (as noted on his/her accommodations form) to receive accommodations when taking class exams.

  • Ensure you have received the Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) via AIM.
  • Click the link on the FNL to submit your testing info for your class. This only needs to be done once per class and covers all DSPS students enrolled in your class. 
  • Discuss with your student(s) the day & time they should take the test by. 
  • When discussing appointment times with your student please keep in mind that regardless of accommodation time, all students must complete their tests by closing. 
  • Refer your student(s) to log into their AIM portal and schedule a test through there. 
  • You will receive an email from AIM confirming the appointment. Please follow all instructions in that email. 
  • There is an option to electronically upload the test through AIM or you may drop the test off in the secure drop box located outside the Test Center in building AC2.
  • We will scan and email the completed test(s) back to you. If you would like to pick up from the Test Center please let us know and we will hold it for 5 days. All completed tests are shredded after the 5 day waiting period. 

Make-Up Testing

Proctor Request Process

Make-Up Test Proctoring services are available for students who are not able to take their exams in class as originally scheduled. If this is a service you are willing to offer your students, please have them use the online form to make an appointment.

Currently we are only offering make-up test services for students enrolled in on-campus courses. We do have a limited number of computers students may use in the Test Center to make up an exam online while physically in the Test Center. Please note: the computer stations do not have cameras, if you use Proctorio it will need to be disabled.

We suggest students use the email address you provide on the syllabus when scheduling their exam. Please consider making that easy for them to access if you do allow students to make up exams in your class. After the student fills out and submits the test request form, a confirmation email is sent to you with the appointment details and a link to an online form that you will fill out. This form is essentially the test cover sheet that we require to proctor your exams, there is also an option to upload your exam. Please fill out the online form whether or not you are planning to upload the exam through the online form. 

Test Drop off/Pick-up

You may upload the test through the online form, or drop the test off in the secure drop box located outside of the Test Center in AC2-177. 

completed exams are scanned and emailed back to you, then shredded. If you choose pick up from the Test Center we will hold the test for 5 days before shredding it.