Creative Arts, Language, and Literature


A selection of student artwork both 3D and 2D

The art program is designed to teach students how to understand the impact of the visual arts in a personal, cultural and global context and to apply knowledge of techniques and media through the production and description of the artwork. Students will learn to evaluate and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of an artworks’ effectiveness to visually communicate.

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Art History

A selection of historical art from various cultures in history

The Art History Program emphasizes the study of cultural activities and the artistic expression of human beings. Students will evaluate and interpret the ways in which people, throughout history, in different cultures and geographic locations, have responded to the world around them through artistic and cultural production.

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Communication Studies

Students of communication at Clovis Community College

The number one skill requested by employers is good communication skills. The associate degree in communication will give students a solid foundation of communication skills for a variety of situations. The overarching program outcome is that students will know how to gather, organize, and present information to others with confidence and competence. Communication courses focus on how people use messages to generate meaning within and across various contexts, cultures, and channels.

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Students and staff of the English department at Clovis Community College

A student graduating with an Associate in Arts Degree in English will have successfully completed classes in composition, literature, linguistics, and critical thinking. All students will have written a passing research paper with proper documentation and will have demonstrated transfer-level essay writing proficiency based on the department rubric. 

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Images of students learning languages

Students will understand the phonological, semantic, and syntactic features of a foreign language and the relationship of that language to one or more cultures in which it is used. Students will possess the receptive skills (listening and reading) and the productive skills (speaking and writing) necessary to achieve communicative competence in at least one foreign language and will be prepared to pursue more advanced study of that language at a four-year institution.

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American Sign Language

students of American Sign Language signing

The American Sign Language program at Clovis Community College is fully equipped with new technology, software, and furnishings to support students' active visual learning. Our instructors are native to the American Sign Language from diverse learning experiences. They are trained to guide students to practice and develop skills required to learn the American Sign Language's rich content via online instruction or in-class instruction.

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Students learning Spanish

Our Associate in Arts in Spanish for Transfer Degree prepares students for transfer to four-year Spanish programs at a CSU campus. Students acquire the Spanish language in a culturally rich environment and attain the receptive skills (listening and reading) and the productive skills (speaking and writing) necessary for the communicative competence required for upper-division courses in Spanish at a CSU campus. 

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various images depicting the study of music

At Clovis Community College, Art and Music are intertwined in the best way, which includes broad connections to other areas on our campus and our community.

Our faculty actively work together to ensure students have a breadth of perspective and experience when pursuing their academic and professional goals.

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Philosophy students in a group setting along side other images including famous philosophers

For students and teachers alike, philosophy is all about clarification and solid comprehension. The philosophy program at Clovis Community College will also help you to apply the tools of analysis and evaluation to some of the great questions of human life:

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