Social and Behavioral Sciences


A monkey, cultural dancing, and Mexican pottery
Anthropology is a four-field discipline that addresses: culture, biology, archaeology, and linguistics. This broad approach means that as an anthropology student you will gain an understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures and societies around the world and the development of past human societies.
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Homes on a hill, icebergs, forests and agricultural fields
Geography is a holistic discipline that can augment many other fields of study. Our faculty teach about the physical and cultural characteristics of the world with an equity-minded, student-centered focus. 
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Relics from history, historical artwork, and Winston Churchill
History programs create humanists who are individuals educated broadly across the curriculum and who draw conclusions from the evidence. Their methods and broad understanding make humanists independent thinkers.
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Political Science

We the people, Equal Justice Under Law, the White House and the California flag
Welcome to political science at Clovis Community College, where you can explore political theory, evaluate contemporary and historical events and explain the dynamics between institutions, political cultures, and diverse global patterns of interaction. Our courses will help you cultivate political awareness, engagement, and good citizenship.
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A psychologist with a veteran patient, a drawing of the brain, xrays of brains and two psychology students in the library
Clovis Community College emphasizes student success. The psychology department is dedicated to promoting academic achievement in an engaging environment with a student-centered focus. Faculty have master’s degrees and doctoral-level education and experience in the applications of research methods and clinical psychology.
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Social Science

An African American female at a voting station, students from CCC, icebergs, and painted hands
As a student of social science at Clovis Community College, you will gain a broad-based understanding of society and how humans function together and with their natural environment. Social science focuses on the study of various systems created by humans and the effects those systems have on each other and with the natural world.
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A photographic journalist, an equal rights activist, two multi-racial hands together, a female environmentalist
Sociology’s subject matter is very broad allowing for the study of anything (social patterns, trends, phenomenon and issues) from the large institutional level to the intimate personal level.


A female police woman, the contents of an evidence bag, an American police car, and a crime scene
This program is designed for those of you interested in employment and/or further education in all aspects of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement, criminology, courts, corrections, probation/parole, juvenile authority, private and industrial security, and other related fields.