Canvas is the course management system chosen by the California Community College system for delivering high-quality online courses. Instructors and students can access the Canvas login page here.

Canvas Login Information

Student login instructions:
Username: Your 7-digit student ID number.
Password: If you have not previously changed your password, it is:
First name initial (upper case) + last name initial (lowercase) + date of birth (mmddyy)
Example: John Smith born on July 9th of 1988 Password =Js070988

If you do not know your password and need assistance call CCC Tech Support at (559) 325-5294 or call the SCCCD Help Desk at (559) 499-6070

Instructors - log in using your network credentials, for example, js001 for the username, and the password you use to access your Employee Email and work computer.

Learn about Canvas:

Canvas 24/7

Need help now? Call the free 24/7 Canvas helpline: (844) 629-6836.

Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning has over 100 video tutorials on how to use Canvas. Access The Atomic Learning Platform with the same user name and password you use for your CCC email. There are many resources on Atomic Learning, including Canvas tutorials.

On-Campus Help

Resources and training are available on campus. Contact Tracy Stuntz for more information:

Canvas Conversations (PDF)