High School Students

High School Enrichment or Dual Enrollment

Options for taking college courses at CCC while still in high school:

View the concurrent enrollment options below and click on the corresponding group you belong to. If you plan to take classes through CCC both while in high school and after high school, make sure to review the steps for all applicable groups, including the Graduating Senior steps.

High School Enrichment (HSE)

two students sitting together and reading

For high school students who want to take a college course(s) at Clovis Community College for college credit while still in high school.

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Dual Enrollment (DE)

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For high school students who will be taking a college course at your high school for high school and college credit.

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Unsure of the difference between High School Enrichment (HSE) and Dual Enrollment (DE)?

The following chart outlines the difference between the two programs

High school Enrichment Dual Enrollment
Student-Initiated: The student can initiate their own entrance into HSE but will need approval from their high school counselor and principal to enroll. High School Initiated: High School will identify a cohort of students taking a Dual Enrollment class
Class(es) will be taken on the Clovis Community College campus. Class(es) offered at the participating high school campus.
Open to only sophomores with 3.0 or better GPA and juniors and seniors with a 2.5 or better GPA. The High School determines which students to match with which class.
Students can take classes during and/or after the regular high school day. Students typically only take a class during their regular high school day.
Students will be taking classes with regular-admit college students. Typically, only other high school students will be in the class.
Students can register during the semester’s “Open Registration.” Students will have the opportunity to register ahead of time.