Federal Work Study Frequently Asked Questions

Federal Work Study (FWS) is an employment program that helps eligible students earn part of the funds needed to meet their educational expenses. FWS also helps students gain valuable experience while pursuing a college education. FWS is awarded to students on a first come, first serve basis.

After you have:

  • Completed your Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Complied with all requests from the Financial Aid Office
  • Been offered Federal Work Study, and
  • Enrolled in classes for the semester and maintained enrollment of at least 6 units

Then you need to visit the Financial Aid Office to obtain an FWS Contract. You will then be instructed to complete an FWS Orientation. After you have been through the orientation you will apply for positions by sending an email to the appropriate FWS Supervisor. Once you are offered a job you will complete the FWS Student Contract and submit to the Financial Aid Office (FAO). The FAO will send you a link to an online employment packet that will need to be completed.

YES. Your FWS can be cancelled if:

If you work while scheduled to be in class whether the class is canceled or let out early. Also, if at any time you lose your eligibility for financial aid by being placed on financial aid disqualification.

YES. Your FWS award may be reduced if:

There are not sufficient funds to cover projected earnings due to funding limitations; it is possible FWS awards may be reduced for all/some students. In addition, an early date may be established upon which all FWS students must cease working. Should either of these occur, you and/or your supervisor will be notified.

YES. Your FWS may be increased if:

There are FWS funds available and you still have unmet need.

There are a variety of jobs available through the FWS program. Many college offices and departments hire students as clerical support, reading tutors, computer lab assistants, teaching assistants, etc.

Students may work up to a maximum of 19 hours per week. Most students work an average of 8-10 hours per week.

YES. You may hold two or more FWS positions simultaneously as long as the total hours do not exceed 19 hours per week combined. You and your supervisors should monitor the hours worked closely so you do not earn over your FWS award amount. In a case where there are two supervisors (1) supervisor must agree to be the monitoring supervisor for both positions so the student does not work over the allowed 19 hours.

Once your online employment packet has been completed, you have submitted all required documents to the FAO and the employment paperwork has been processed, you and your supervisor will receive an email with an official start date. Please do not begin working before you have an official start date.

We use an online program to track FWS students hours. Hours will be paid once monthly for the previous monthly hours worked. You will be paid on the 10th of the month. If the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday, you will be paid the work day before.

  • Report to work on time and work your scheduled hours.
  • Monitor your FWS earnings and do not exceed your award amount.
  • Approve your worked hours.
  • Consider your employer’s needs as well as your own when requesting time off.
  • Refrain from conducting personal business on the job.
  • Perform your work satisfactorily and to the best of your ability.
  • Take your job seriously. The experience you gain in an FWS position can be invaluable and provide you with a future reference.

For More Information:

Please contact: Alyssa Talbot
AC2-141 (in the Financial Aid Office)
Phone: 559-325-5263 | Email: alyssa.talbot@cloviscollege.edu