Terms of Agreement

Upon acceptance of financial aid (cashing a check or accepting direct deposit), I hereby certify that:

  • I will enroll in an eligible program and attend classes at one (or more) of the campuses/centers within the State Center Community College District (SCCCD)
  • I have read SCCCD’s Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Policy and understand that my financial aid will be terminated when I no longer meet these standards
  • I have a high school diploma, GED, or other high school equivalency
  • I will notify the Financial Aid Office if I change my name, address, enrollment status, or if I enroll at another institution while attending SCCCD
  • I will repay any funds disbursed to me in error or for any period of time I was ineligible to receive funding or was not enrolled in and attending classes
  • I authorize SCCCD to release and/or transmit any information contained in my application for aid and/or concerning my prior year awards to any governmental agency, the institution of higher education, scholarship donor, or lending institution upon request of those agencies or institutions
  • I will maintain a valid mailing address with Admissions and Records, and I will activate and regularly check my district assigned e-mail account
  • To the best of my knowledge, the information contained in my application is correct and complete
  • SCCCD has my permission to verify this information and I agree to release to the Financial Aid Office my Federal Income Tax Return and other income and asset verification upon request

I also understand the following terms of my financial aid award(s):

  • My financial aid package is based on full-time (12+ units) enrollment. My financial aid award is subject to change according to my enrollment status
  • I understand that I may be in repayment if I drop or fail units after receiving financial aid for the semester; If repayment is required, I will be ineligible to receive any additional financial aid funds until my repayment is resolved
  • I understand that my satisfactory academic progress will be verified at the end of each semester, and my financial aid eligibility will be terminated if I fail to maintain progress
  • I cannot receive financial aid from any college outside of SCCCD during the same semester that I receive financial aid from an SCCCD college. Receiving financial aid from a different college will result in repayment to SCCCD
  • I must be enrolled in and attending the proper number of units two weeks BEFORE the check disbursement date in order to receive my financial aid
  • I understand that I may only receive federal financial aid funding for one repeat of a previously passed course
  • Courses in which I am on a waitlist will not be counted when considering my financial aid enrollment status for a disbursement
  • If I receive financial aid and receive a “No Show” drop, I may be required to repay all or a portion of my financial aid based on any change to my enrollment status
  • Any fees owed to the institution will be subtracted from my financial aid check unless alternate repayment arrangements have been made with the Business Services Office
  • Veterans Educational Benefits, EOP&S book vouchers and scholarship awards may reduce my eligibility for additional aid