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Research in Biology

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What is Bio-12?

Biol-12 is an online course that provides a taste of what it’s like to be a genomics data scientist. The field of genomics data science uses computational tools to help us understand living systems and their interaction with the environment. Genomics is rapidly changing medicine, agriculture, and ecology and offers exciting career opportunities.

Benefits of Bio-12

This course is transferrable to CSU / UC

Gain skills in high demand in areas of Business and STEM. Biol-12 is a research-based course that provides a unique opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a data scientist. You don’t need to be a Biology major! Here is what you can accomplish:

  • Learn basics skills using R to analyze single-cell data
  • Work collaboratively with scientists and your peers
  • Develop quantitative and critical thinking skills
  • Network with possible mentors from research institutions
  • Present your work at our Clovis Symposium Spring 2022*
  • Create a professional online portfolio to share on your college applications
  • Apply for internship positions in pharma or academia

*Clovis Symposium presenters can apply to the Stanford Research Conference.

Become a C-MOOR Scholar

In addition, you will be part of the C-MOOR Scholars cohort, providing early access to internship applications and university tours. Bio-12 students will have the opportunity to visit academic labs at Stanford Medical School, take part in lab activities, and talk to graduate students and fellow scientists.


none. No textbook to purchase, all open-source materials will be used. The poster will be provided at no cost to students.


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