Dr. Rosa Alcazar, corresponding author on paper to increase student access to genomics data science

Jan 26, 2022

Dr. Rosa Alcazar, Clovis Community College Biology instructor, along with the Genomics Data Science Community Network was recently a corresponding author on a paper to help increase student access to Genomics Data Science.

The paper highlights that there has been an explosion of data gathering for disease association, functional analyses, and other large-scale discoveries. At the same time as revolutions in cloud computing, that enables computational and data science research while making data accessible to anyone with a web browser and an internet connection, there remain students at institutions with limited resources and little exposure to curricula and professional development opportunities that lead to careers in genomic data science.

Read the paper here

Dr. Alcazar is at the forefront of trying to make access more available in the field of Genomics as she has introduced “Science Talks” on the campus of Clovis Community College. This series welcomes guest speakers within the Biol-12 course, to all interested students regardless of their academic path. The talks are followed by “Ask me Anything” sessions and a genomics data science activity, tailored for Biol-12 students. Two more talks are currently being scheduled for this semester and an announcement will soon be released.

Dr. Alcazar also helped develop a Research in Genomics Biol-12 course at Clovis Community College. She is part of the Genomics Data Science Community Network which hopes to enhance a STEM identity and broaden participation from underrepresented students in data science.

rosa alcazar

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