Frequently Asked Questions

The Career Resource Center is committed to cultivating each student’s success. We assist students with career exploration, major selection, job search, and more. Career counseling sessions are available by appointment with one of our highly qualified career counselors.

Additionally, we help with résumés, cover letters, interview preparation, and additional career building skills.

We are located in building AC2 room 174 on the main Clovis Community College campus at Willow and International Avenues.

The Career Resource Center hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

You can find us on social media at the following links:

The Career Resource Center offers the following career and employment services:

  • Career and Major Exploration
  • Job Search Strategies: On-campus and Off-campus positions
  • Resume Development and Assistance
  • Interview Coaching and Preparation
  • Internship and Volunteer Resources

The career and major exploration experience is a journey into understanding more about your unique strengths, abilities, and qualities and how that translates into a potential future career for you. Career exploration appointments are approximately 1 hour in length and you will typically meet with the career counselor for 3 appointments over time.

Upon completion of the career exploration process selecting a major related to your chosen career direction is made possible and an appointment can be made with a CCC Academic Counselor to complete your Student Educational Plan [SEP].

We can. We know that losing a job is an emotional and stressful time and we want to assist you through this time as best we can. We suggest scheduling an appointment with the Career Resource Center by calling our office at (559) 325-5398 or emailing us at One of our staff members will be able to get you on the right path to the job search process by providing information on steps to take and resources to use in your job search.

We do. The Career Resource Center is currently partnering with Jobspeaker to provide an easy to use job search platform. With so many job boards, it can be challenging to keep track of job listings. Using Jobspeaker, you’ll have an easy-to-use online tool to save and manage job listings from all your favorite online job boards. Jobspeaker aggregates jobs from all over the job market and puts them in front of you in an easy to use online and mobile interface. You can log on to Jobspeaker using your SCCCD student ID and password.

Also, you can connect to our social media accounts as we are continually posting job notices as we receive them.

Students who are enrolled in at least one class at Clovis Community College are able to use the Career Resource Center services offered. Additionally, the Career Resource Center is available to assist current CCC Faculty and Staff as well with career and employment resources.

The Career Resource Center does not conduct job placement at this time. However, the Career Resource Center does provide connection to tools and resources available to assist you in your job search. In addition, job leads may become available and many can be found by going to the Career Resource Centers social media sites for more information.

You can schedule an appointment with the Career Resource Center by calling our office at: (559) 325-5398 or emailing us at:

You can also log onto our Career Resource Center website to schedule an online, same day, 30-minute appointment.

Please have your name and student ID ready when making the appointment.

You can reschedule your appointment by calling us at (559) 325-5398 or by emailing
Please have your name and student ID ready.

Students have access to the services here at the Career Resource Center for up to 1 year after they graduate.

We can. The Career Resource Center has several resources available to help you practice and prepare for an interview. One of our main resources is called Big Interview. Big Interview Is a self-guided website that can help you learn about the rights things to say and do in an interview. Big Interview can help you practice by recording yourself and receiving feedback from the Career Resource Center staff.
You can log on and sign up with your SCCCD email

Practicing for an interview will give you confidence, make you feel at ease, and help reduce stress during your actual interview. Practicing allows you to focus on connecting with your interviewer rather than struggling to come up with answers.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a financial aid program that is awarded to eligible students as a part of their financial aid award package. Students awarded FWS are given an opportunity to earn up to the amount of their annual FWS award by working on campus.

For more information or to see if you are eligible for FWS please contact the Financial Aid Office at (559) 325-5239 or email:

If you have any other questions regarding the information above, please call us at (559) 325-5398 or email us at