Wastewater Treatment

We offer two wastewater treatment programs. At Clovis Community College, you can receive the training and learn the necessary skills to become a water system employee in two semesters. We also provide preparation for state certification.

  • Gain knowledge and skills required to effectively operate and maintain wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Water mathematic calculations required algebraic topics, multistep calculations, understanding flow and velocity in relation to the motion of water.
  • Solve problems and safety procedures required to work in the wastewater industry as required by current law and regulations.
  • Preparation to take the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Grades I, II, III.

Courses and Programs

Wastewater Treatment Courses

Course Course title Units
WTD 101 Basic Drinking Water Treatment 3
WTD 102 Advanced Drinking Water Treatment 3
WTD 106 Basic Wastewater Treatment 3
WTD 107 Advanced Wastewater Treatment 3
WTD 112 Water Distribution 3
WTD 114 Water Mathematics 3
WTD 115 Drinking-Water Math 3

Wastewater Certificate Programs:

Program Type Major Code
Drinking-Water Treatment and Distribution CA C.8401.CA
Wastewater Treatment Operator CA C.8400.CA

Career Opportunities

The water industry is critical to providing clean and affordable water. A career in water treatment offers a variety of benefits including competitive pay, benefits, and knowing that your work has a positive impact on communities.

There are a variety of careers that can be pursued as a result of studying wastewater treatment including wastewater treatment technicians, sewage plant operators, wastewater treatment plant, and system operators.

Contact Us

Wastewater Treatment Contacts

Name Title E-mail
Brandon Huebert Counselor brandon.huebert@cloviscollege.edu