Sponsored Students

Sponsored students are any students whose registration will be paid or sponsored through third-party billing.

Please submit the original authorization for billing from the sponsoring agency to the Clovis Community College Business Office prior to registering. This is very important to prevent non-payment course drops. Authorizations must be in the form of a purchase order or a letter on the agency’s official letterhead. The authorizations must include and state clearly:

  • Student's name
  • Student's CCC ID number
  • Term to be covered
  • Courses to be covered
  • Specific amount(s) authorized for billing to the sponsoring agency.
  • There must also be contact information for both the student and the sponsoring agency.

Should the authorization not be received prior to the fee payment due date, the student will be required to cover their own fees and be reimbursed after the sponsoring agency pays the invoice for the sponsored or authorized amount.

Students dropped for non-payment from their courses with no authorization in place at the Clovis Community College Business Office prior to the drop will be required and/or responsible for re-registering the dropped courses as available.

Please submit any questions and concerns by email to businessoffice@cloviscollege.edu.