2022 STEM Research Symposium

At Clovis Community College we provide opportunities for our students to engage in undergraduate research. Some research experiences are embedded within credit courses while others are volunteer opportunities to analyze data collected in courses. Our First Annual Research Symposium on May 6th, 2022 was supported by our Title V PODER grant and an NSF-funded pilot that implements a course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE) in genomics and embedding a research project within the first semester of our biology for majors course, Biol-11A.

Students that participate in the symposium receive several perks that are important for the development of their STEM identity and sense of belonging:

  • Obtain an authentic research experience
  • Collaborate with faculty and students outside the classroom
  • Attend scientific seminars and interact with active scientists
  • Develop a Poster that you can present at a regional or national conference
  • Increase your competitiveness for paid internship opportunities
  • Receive the support of peer mentors and embedded tutors
  • Develop your scientific communication skills
  • Display your Poster Abstract and photo on the Clovis Community College website
  • Be recognized for your STEM abilities!

Who can sign up?

Any student at Clovis Community College can sign up for the Research Symposium.

How do you find a mentor?

Ask your faculty if they are participating as a mentor in the next symposium or contact Rosa Alcazar.

Student Orientation

“Why you should do undergraduate research ASAP!”

Research Symposium Contacts

Name Subject Contact Email
Dr. Shawn Sano-Jones Chemistry Shawn.fleming@cloviscollege.edu
Dr. David Cao Chemistry David.cao@cloviscollege.edu
Dr. Stephanie Coffman Biology Stephanie.coffman@cloviscollege.edu
Dr. Rosa Alcazar Biology Rosa.alcazar@cloviscollege.edu
Dr. Malachi Whitford Environmental Science Malachi.whitford@cloviscollege.edu

Faculty Participants

Our faculty participants gave a brief overview of their reasons for wanting to be involved in the STEM Research Symposium.

Dr. Shawn Sano-Jones

Dr. Shawn Sano-Jones - Chemistry

Allowing students an opportunity to work outside of the classroom in a research setting is an awarding experience for both the students and the mentors. I receive personal satisfaction in the knowledge that I helped at least one student a step closer to successfully completing their goals in STEM. Students gain confidence, knowledge, and experience in group projects that they might not have had before. Here at Clovis Community College, I am grateful for the support and encouragement to work with students, and look forward to future projects.

David Cao

Dr. David Cao - Chemistry

Fundamentally, I wanted to participate as a research mentor to show students how fascinating science is, and how fun it can be to design and run experiments to answer any scientific question one might have. Doing research shows students how science can be connected to the world around them and how it can be used to make the world a better place. I began doing undergraduate research as a freshman in college, and wanted to show others they can do it too.

Dr. Stephanie Coffman

Dr. Stephanie Coffman - Biology

As much fun as we might have learning science, the real fun is in doing the science. By having authentic research experiences in class we can bridge the two worlds and reach students that may not have thought about being a scientist before. Having events like this symposium builds community and celebrates the diverse population we have at Clovis Community College.

Dr. Rosa Alcazar

Dr. Rosa Alcazar - Biology

I wish I had had access to a research experience when I was a student at Pasadena City College. Authentic research experiences are fundamental for developing scientific critical thinking and I believe a key to STEM persistence.


Dr. Malachi Whitford

Dr. Malachi Whitford - Environmental Sciences

Research tends to tie education and classroom experiences to real-life examples. My first research experience clarified for me what it means to be a scientist and provided me with the motivation needed to succeed in all my classes. By participating in the Clovis Community College symposium, I am hoping to provide CCC students with an opportunity to engage with the scientific process and to better understand how the classroom relates to real-world science.

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Research Symposium Events

3 students standing, smiling, talking to each other

1st Annual Research Symposium | Recap

On Friday, May 6th, 2022, a community of scientists, researchers, instructors, and proud parents came together at the 1st Annual Clovis Community College Research Symposium which was held inside the lobby of AC1.

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