CalWORKs Program:

CalWORKs stands for California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids; it is California’s public assistance program for people who have children under 18 years old. CalWORKs replaced AFDC/GAIN in California in 1998. 

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CalWORKs Program Goal:

The goal of the CalWORKs program at Clovis Community College is to help cash aid recipients transition to self-sufficiency through education and employment opportunities.

Eligibility Requirements:

Students are eligible for this program if they are currently receiving cash aid and are in good standing with their local County welfare department.

  • Students must provide a referral from the Department of Social Services and have an approved Welfare to Work plan that indicates the vocational/educational career goal the student must complete.
  • Students must provide proof that they are receiving public assistance.

Services Offered

  • Priority registration
  • New student orientation
  • Skill-building workshops
  • Academic counseling, including Student Educational Planning
  • Childcare, textbook, and school supplies assistance
  • Coordination and referrals with on-campus and off-campus programs, including DSP&S, EOPS/CARE, and TRiO
  • Paid work-study opportunities, both on and off-campus
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