Mechatronics / Industrial Automation Courses

There's a growing demand for automation technicians and local companies are now hiring!  Learn the latest skills in the mechatronics industrial automation classes starting Monday,  January 11.

Short-term Career Tech Education (CTE) Program

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Mechatronics | In-person hands-on lab classes!
In-Person labs will be held in a socially distant environment adhering to all government safety guidelines.

Obtain the skills to work as a technician maintaining electrical, mechanical, computer and control systems.


Mechanical Systems (80634)- Hybrid

  • Lecture (Online) assignments to be done at your own pace.
  • Lab (In Person) Monday/Wednesday 2:00 PM - 4:50 PM


Programmable Logic Controllers (80719)- Fully Online

  • Lecture (via Zoom) Tuesday/Thursday 09:00AM - 09:50AM
  • Lab (Online) assignments to be done at your own pace.


Electric Motors - Controls (80933)- Hybrid

  • Lecture (Online) assignments to be done at your own pace.
  • Lab (In Person) Tuesday/Thursday 2:00 PM - 4:50 PM


(80637) Work Experience; arranged with instructor.

Mechatronics classes are listed under the "Herndon Campus" class offerings in WebAdvisor.

Learn to:

Design, operate and maintain industrial automation systems.

Be prepared to:

Work for local industries that utilize these technologies, such as food production, petroleum production, fabrication, and logistics.

Key concepts include:

Application of electronics and computer technology to industrial automation systems, including instrumentation and control, industrial robotics, and process control systems.

Project-Based Learning

Significant emphasis is placed on project-based learning facilitated by laboratory work.


Matthew Graff | Mechatronics/Industrial Automation Instructor |   559-324-6459  |

Counseling Center |   559-325-5230

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