Wastewater Treatment Operator Certificate Program

  • Gain knowledge and skills required to effectively operate and maintain wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Water mathematic calculations required algebraic topics, multistep calculations, understanding flow and velocity in relation to the motion of water.
  • Solve problems and safety procedures required to work in the wastewater industry as required by current law and regulations.
  • Preparation to take the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Grades I, II, III.


  • College Application

Benefits of the Program

  • Certificate Program in TWO semesters
  • Career & Academic Counseling
  • Prep for State Certification


  • Learning Strategies (COUN-47)
  • Job Retention and Responsibilities (OT-17)
  • Basic Wastewater Treatment and Distribution (WTD-106)
  • Advanced Waste Water Treatment (WTD-107)
  • Water Mathematics (WTD-114)

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