Integrated Planning Model

Diagram of CCC's Integrated Planning Model revised in April 2021, described in detail below.

Overview of CCC's Planning Model


Creating Opportunities - One Student at a Time

Data Analysis, our Educational Master Plan, and our Strategic Plan are all guided by our mission of, "Creating Opportunities - One Student at a Time."  The components of the planning model are made up of the following key areas and follow a cyclic process with each influencing the next:

  • Program Plans
    • Unit/Program
    • Strong Workforce
    • Student Equity and Achievement
    • Technology
  • Resource Allocation
    • Faculty hiring
    • Staff hiring
    • Facilities
    • Equipment
  • Implementation
  • Program Assessment & Data Analysis
  • Improvements

In all aspects of our planning process, equity, data, and communication help shape our decisions and move us toward our vision.