Participatory Governance Handbook

Purpose of the Governance Handbook

The Clovis Community College Governance Handbook describes the structure and operating agreements for institutional governance and decision-making at Clovis Community College. These descriptions of how groups are formed and how they function are, in essence, descriptions of how Clovis Community College ensures that the voices of the College’s constituent groups are heard in making decisions.

By documenting governance and institutional decision-making practices, this handbook promotes a common understanding of processes, helps to ensure consistent application of policies and practices, encourages broad participation in campus matters, and supports the College’s continuous quality improvement.

This handbook was developed using sincere and collegial self-reflection by representatives of all college constituent groups who were united by the vision of establishing structures, processes, and communication channels that will support ongoing College growth and continuous institutional improvement. College processes, including those described in this handbook, will be periodically reviewed and revised as part of the institutional cycle of continuous quality improvement.

Governance Handbook 2022-2024
(Revised Spring 2023)