Student Equity Plan

On July 20, 2015, Clovis Community College (CCC) was officially recognized by the California Community College Board of Governors as the 113th community college in the state of California. With nearly 11,000 students, CCC is also one of the fastest-growing community colleges with an increase in enrollment of over 17% over the past two years. Student Success and Student Equity are among the top priorities of the college to ensure that along with growth comes great opportunities for all students. Therefore the college has determined that it is most effective to have a combined committee whose charge is to plan and execute both the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) and Student Equity Plans.

The Clovis Community College Student Equity Plan focuses on increasing access, course and degree completion, transfer rates, and closing the achievement gap in success for underrepresented students. The intent of this process is to conduct a self-evaluation and identify achievement gaps that need to be addressed to improve student success. Goals and activities will be developed to address disparities in student outcomes. This 2015-2018 Student Equity Plan is guided by the College’s Mission Statement wherein the commitment to student equity is inherent: Creating opportunities one student at a time.

Clovis Community College Student Equity Plan 2022-2025

Clovis Community College Student Equity Plan 2019-2022

Clovis Community College Student Equity Plan 2015-2018