Unit Program Planning

CCC Integrated Planning Model

Planning at Clovis Community College (CCC) is unified by a set of shared assumptions and well-defined processes. These processes are dedicated to the improvement of student success, which is achieved in part through the systematic evaluation of the College’s units and programs. The process for data-informed performance review at the unit/program level is defined in the Unit/Program Planning Handbook. Planning is aligned with the College's Strategic Objectives and a key element of the integrated planning process.

Unit/Program (UP) Planning Handbook.

Unit/Program (UP) Planning Templates

Unit/Program (UP) Planning Timeline - 2018 - 2019

Month Activity Responsible Party
August Unit/Program Data & Overview of UP Planning Process provided Office of IR/UP Planning Coordinator
August - September College Council reviews unit/program planning and review process and considers recommendations for improvement from Unit/Program Planning Committee College Council + Academic Senate (special joint meeting)
By October 1 Current/updated template communicated college-wide College Council/UP Planning Committee
October 1 - February 15 UP Planning Coordinator, Committee, & IR available to meet with UP Planning Leads, Leads develop UP Plans and communicate progress with Dean/Admin UP Planning Coordinator, Committee, IR, Faculty Leads, Administrators
February 15 UP Plan DUE February 15, 2019 to UP Planning Coordinator for Committee Review Faculty/Staff/Administrators
March 1 Final Unit/Program Plans due to UP Planning Coordinator UP Planning Coordinator
March 1 - 21 UP Plans reviewed by UP Planning Committee & feedback is provided to Units/Programs; Final UP Plan submitted to Deans/Administrators UP Planning Coordinator/Committee
March 1 - 21 Deans/Administrators Review plans with faculty, complete Dean/Administrator Summary Form, and submits all to UP Planning Coordinator Deans/Administrator
March 30 UP Planning Coordinator submits status summary to VPI/VPSS UP Planning Coordinator/ Dean/Administrator
April 1 - 15 Deans Council reviews plans and summary VPI/VPSS
April 15-30 Presidents Council reviews summary President
May Unit/Program Review summary presented to College Council UP Planning Coordinator or Committee Co-Chair
April - May UP Planning Committee evaluates process and makes recommendations to College Council for changes to the UP Planning template(s) and review process UP Planning Committee

Dates may change based on Spring Break and the annual academic calendar

Please refer to the Two-Year Cycle Chart to determine the first year a discipline will need to complete their Unit/Program Plan. Disciplines who complete their report in 2018-2019, do so for the academic years 2018-2020 with their next report to be completed in 2020-2021. Disciplines who complete their report in 2019-2020, do so for the academic years 2019-2021 with their next report to be completed in 2021-2022.