Strategic Goals and Objectives

2021 - 2025

  1. ACCESS: Expand opportunities and remove access barriers
    1. Build and sustain transfer and CTE pathways that support a seamless transition from K-12 to Clovis Community College
    2. Expand flexible learning options to support student equity and non-traditional learners, including Dual Enrollment, Distance Education, and Non-credit opportunities
    3. Expand class offerings to support continuing student enrollment growth
    4. Provide targeted, effective outreach activities to high school students and returning adults
    5. Develop targeted marketing and communication to increase community awareness of Clovis Community College and to support specific college goals
    6. Participate in the Central Valley Promise to support access for all students
  2. TEACHING & LEARNING: Promote excellence and opportunities
    1. Maintain focus on providing a quality education
    2. Promote an inclusive teaching and learning environment
    3. Increase student completion rates for degrees and certificates
    4. Continue to explore and support innovative ideas and projects
    5. Expand and enhance Career Technical Education programs
    6. Expand Basic Skills options to support college-readiness for all students
  3. SUPPORTING STUDENT SUCCESS: Provide comprehensive services while promoting equity
    1. Continue integration of student services and instruction
    2. Develop support programs to promote student retention
    3. Utilize technology to expand and enhance student services
    4. Expand student services, such as tutoring, library, honors program, and athletics
    5. Expand student activities, such as a multicultural day event, additional student clubs, additional athletic teams, and speakers series to support student engagement and inclusion
    6. Develop an International Students program
  4. COMMUNITY & PARTNERSHIPS: Strengthen and develop external relationships
    1. Develop and sustain collaborative projects and partnerships with the community’s educational institutions, businesses, and civic organizations
    2. Align new Career Technical Education programs with local employer needs
    3. Increase student internships opportunities with local businesses
    4. Support and participate in community events
  5. RESOURCES AND FACILITIES: Expand and enhance the capacity of the college
    1. Plan and build new college facilities supported by the Measure C Bond, including space for new CTE programs, additional classrooms and science labs, and expanded student services
    2. Plan and develop soccer fields as outlined in the District Facilities Master Plan
    3. Provide adequate staffing to support new facilities and increased student enrollment
    4. Utilize technology to improve college processes and support student learning
    5. Maintain the beautiful college grounds as the college expands
    6. Support professional development for all employees
    7. Maintain a stable financial base and sound fiscal practices
    8. Generate revenue to support the goals of the college
  6. INSTITUTIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: Strive for excellence in planning, governance, and communication
    1. Use data to support dialogue and decision-making
    2. Continue to monitor and adjust the college planning process to support college growth
    3. Develop new tools and processes to ensure effective, inclusive communication within the college and with community partners
    4. Continue to foster the long-standing culture of collegiality, collaboration, and innovation