Dr. Lori Bennett – President

Mr. Marco J. De La Garza – Vice President of Student Services

Ms. Monica Chahal– Vice President of Instruction

Ms. Lorrie Hopper – Vice President of Administrative Services

Dr. John Forbes – Dean of Instruction

Ms. Robbie Kunkel – Dean of Instruction

Dr. James Ortez – Dean of Instruction

Ms. Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard - Director of Athletics and Student-Athlete Success

Ms. Gurdeep Hébert – Dean of Student Services

Ms. Kira Tippins – Dean of Student Services

Dr. Jacquelyn Rubalcaba - Director, Disabled Student Programs & Services

Mr. Alex Adams – Director, Institutional Research, Evaluation & Planning

Mr. Mathew Levine – Director of Financial Aid

Ms. Stephanie Babb – Director, Marketing & Communications

Ms. Reynani Hawkins – Manager, Admissions & Records

Ms. Monica Marquez – Manager, Child Development Lab School

Mr. Sergio Salinas – Manager, Custodial Services